VFX movie maker

I have been freelancing in various aspects of CGI and VFX for 10 years, including specific tasks such as feature film compositing, FX TD or on-set supervisor, or a full one-man vendor pipeline, delivering everything from blocking to final master.

As a storyteller, I have used the experience from Hollywood VFX to help me design the way to realize the short film Zombiehagen, which uses the same techniques as seen in blockbusters, but on a much smaller budget.

I currently live in Copenhagen with my girlfriend and our two daughters, and work at Wil Film on Lego Star Wars animation projects.


Zombiehagen My debut as a writer-director, the 25-minute Zombiehagen is intended to show that we can master Hollywood genre films on Danish budgets.

The film has had a good festival run with screenings in Canada, USA, Germany, Hong Kong and Denmark, and won more than 15 awards. The apocalyptic vision of Copenhagen is created by an international team of 25 artists who have worked on Pacific Rim, The Jungle Book (2016), Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and many more.

I am currently working on launching more genre movie projects in Denmark.


Visual effects breakdown

The Emmys

I had the great fortune to be nominated for a Primetime Emmy for working with Jellyfish on BBC'c Inside the Human Body. We went to the fantastic awards show in LA, and it was a great Cinderella experience, but we ultimately lost to the dragons of Game of Thrones. I'm good with that. If you absolutely have to lose an Emmy, Game of Thrones is the show to lose to. The drinks were free.

VFX supervisor

Besides a number of commercials, I have been the VFX supervisor of the "Christmas calendar" Santa Claus and the Twins, which features a Marvel-like production count of 2200 VFX shots to be finished in under half a year.

I also supervised the VFX on the dark horror teen TV series "Heartless", featuring burning people, underwater shoots, black eyes, digimattes and much more.

Tvillingerne og Julemanden

Hollywood VFX

Before acting as a supervisor on Danish productions, these are some of the titles I had the fortune to work on.

Cowboys and Aliens
Drag Me To Hell
Olympus Has Fallen
The Sorcerer's Apprentice
A Royal Affair

Lego Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures

This show premiered on Disney XD this summer, with great reviews and internet buzz. I am associate art director, associate comp supervisor and associate FX supervisor on the show. I work with clients and our main art director to make the show as awesome as possible.