The Sorcerer's Apprentice



Jussing VFX:

Clean plate

On these shots I worked as a compositor, which mostly involved the all-CG quickrug and chain.

The first shot is filmed using a solid floor, so to create the sinking effect the shoes are all CG, and I have stretched his pants.

In the following shots, Nicholas Cage is filmed standing in a water matress that doesn't resemble the quickrug's behavior or shape all that much, so the shots requied much tweaking, warping and hand-painted masks to have the rug fold tightly around Nick's costume.

I also cleaned up various background elements to create a new clean plate, as we were animating Nicholas Cage's position in frame.

Showreel 2012

New reel of Spring 2012, updated with the latest work, such as my shots on the Danish epic costume drama "A Royal Affair".

Carlsberg - Dåben

Carlsberg names their newly purchased football stands by smashing a giant beer bottle.

F24 "Robot"

I composited a robotic arm for Frame in this gas station spot.

BBC - Inside the Human Body

CGI shots of sperm and egg cells for BBC One's documentary miniseries.

Cold Prey III

I added digital snow to a sequence in this Norwegian horror prequel.

Beer cellar

All-3D environment inspired by a photo of a neat looking cellar with wooden beer kegs.

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Digital compositing on the "quickrug" sequence for the latest Bruckheimer/Turteltaub adventure movie.

Choco Crossies

Interior destruction and particle effects in this German ad for crunchy chocolate pieces.

Showreel 2010

The latest showreel, exclusively containing material from my 12 months of freelancing.


A CG tree drops its leaves in this Ghost-produced commercial for Coop in Norway.

Nybolig weather bumpers

A series of seven season-themed bumpers for the weather report on Danish TV2.

COP15 opening film

The opening film for the climate conference in Copenhagen, featuring weather effects such as rain, cracking soil, and a twister!

Drag Me To Hell

A series of particle effects shots for Sam Raimi's vaporizing ghosts.

Kærgården "Supermarket"

TV-commercial with animated fish & vegetables, and a complete 3D replacement of the bottle.

Tokyo Underground Drainage System

An awesome location under Tokyo

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