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july 2012

I've been nominated for an Emmy Award in the category outstanding special visual effects for my work on BBC's Inside the Human Body. Thanks to Jellyfish Pictures in London for flying me over to join the crew on this amazing project.
Click here to see my work on the series.

february 2012

Yay, "Inside the Human Body" won the Visual Effects Society Award for "Outstanding Visual Effects in a Broadcast Miniseries, Movie, or Special"!

january 2012

Finished another spot for BaconX, in which a Macbook Pro turns into a newspaper.

december 2011

In my first collaboration with Danish post production house BaconX, I created a 3D kite for two shots for a beverage ad.

november 2011

Ghost VFX continued my contract, so now I'm doing compositing on Nikolai Arcel's Danish film "A Royal Affair".

september 2011

Hired for a few months as cloth TD for Ghost VFX.

september 2011

Stopped by Chimney Pot Copenhagen to create a 3D nose clamp for a Polish nosespray advert.

august 2011

Back at Frame! I got to do compositing on one of three TV spots for the F24 gas stations.

august 2011

I'm finally cleared to reveal that the top secret ILM project I worked on at Ghost VFX this spring was Jon Favreau's Cowboys & Aliens!

july 2011

Ghost called me in briefly to help out with rendering and compositing on the latest commercial in the popular "Nybolig" series, starring two claymation-looking snails.

june 2011

I finished another visualization animation for medical company Unomedical.

may 2011

My efforts at Jellyfish Pictures in UK last year finally aired on BBC, in the first episode, "Creation", of the miniseries "Inside The Human Body". It's already getting great reviews and many mentions on the "state of the art CGI". I hope to publish my shots soon!

april 2011

I'm back at Ghost VFX for a couple of months, working on very exciting stuff. Go to their website to check out their announcement on who we are working for!

december 2010

I had the pleasure to work with Thomas Bay & his guys at Frame, doing compositing on an Irish-Russian-French commercial for the stomach product Rennie.

november 2010

Worked for Danish GiMMiCK VFX on a Norwegian feature film.

summer 2010

I worked on-site for Jellyfish in London during the summer, working on a documentary for BBC, hopefully premiering early 2011. Following my stay in London, I continued to work on the same project off-site in Copenhagen for 7 weeks.

july 2010

Finished three VFX shots for Norwegian slasher prequel Cold Prey 3 for Ghost.

june 2010

Wrapped up The Sorcerer's Apprentice with Ghost.

march 2010

Celebrating Jussing VFX's 1st anniversary with a brand new showreel!

march 2010

Booked until June, I'm helping out Ghost with feature work and commercials.

december 2009

Joining a hard-working team of VFX artists, I helped Zentropa Rambuk produce the visual effects for Mikkel Blaabjerg Poulsen's ambitious opening film for the COP15 climate conference in Copenhagen, "Please Help the World".

october 2009

Medical company Unomedical turned to Jussing VFX to produce all parts of a one-minute, photorealistic, all-CG animation demonstrating a medical insertion device.

october 2009

Working for Frame by Frame, I helped produce a series of season-themed advertisement bumpers for the weather report on Danish TV2.

september 2009

Copenhagen Bombay hired me to make the bottle for their new Biotex ad

september 2009

During the summer, I worked with Minerva Film on the newest Kærgården spot. This time the action takes place in a supermarket!

august 2009

Completed three shots with a digital globe for Minerva Film's Polish Lurpak ad

may 2009

Finished two visual effects shots on Bullit Films' upcoming feature film "Profetia"

march 2009

Finished three visual effects shots on Sam Raimi's return to horror, "Drag Me To Hell"

Showreel 2012

New reel of Spring 2012, updated with the latest work, such as my shots on the Danish epic costume drama "A Royal Affair".

Carlsberg - Dåben

Carlsberg names their newly purchased football stands by smashing a giant beer bottle.

F24 "Robot"

I composited a robotic arm for Frame in this gas station spot.

BBC - Inside the Human Body

CGI shots of sperm and egg cells for BBC One's documentary miniseries.

Cold Prey III

I added digital snow to a sequence in this Norwegian horror prequel.

Beer cellar

All-3D environment inspired by a photo of a neat looking cellar with wooden beer kegs.

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Digital compositing on the "quickrug" sequence for the latest Bruckheimer/Turteltaub adventure movie.

Choco Crossies

Interior destruction and particle effects in this German ad for crunchy chocolate pieces.


A CG tree drops its leaves in this Ghost-produced commercial for Coop in Norway.

Nybolig weather bumpers

A series of seven season-themed bumpers for the weather report on Danish TV2.

COP15 opening film

The opening film for the climate conference in Copenhagen, featuring weather effects such as rain, cracking soil, and a twister!

Drag Me To Hell

A series of particle effects shots for Sam Raimi's vaporizing ghosts.

Kærgården "Supermarket"

TV-commercial with animated fish & vegetables, and a complete 3D replacement of the bottle.

Tokyo Underground Drainage System

An awesome location under Tokyo