Jonas Ussing

Visual effects • On-set supervisor • Effects simulation • Full animation production


I have been freelancing in various aspects of CGI and VFX for 14 years, including specific tasks such as feature film compositing, FX TD or on-set supervisor, or a full one-man vendor pipeline, delivering everything from blocking to final master.

I have worked on visual effects for titles such as The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Unbroken, Cowboys & Aliens and Olympus Has Fallen, and have worked as supervisor on several feature films and television shows, including the Netflix show The Rain.
I currently run my scalable visual effects shop from Copenhagen, where I live with my girlfriend and two daughters.




I typically board a project early, to participate in script-reading and bidding, as well as go over budget and practical options with the production team, before deciding on which VFX techniques will give the best value for the money.

On-set supervision

I fly or drive with my VFX case anywhere in the world you need it, and gather set data and measurements, while cooperating with the team to get the footage I need to solve the job as agreed.

Visual effects supervision

I supervise the artists to best solve the challenges at hand, and regularly presents the client with work in progress and proposed finals, and discuss revisions.

Simulation effects

From tsunamis to beer commercials, match fire to forest fire, we've got you covered with state-of-the-art simulation effects.


With a close network of freelance animators, I can deliver complete animation production.

3rd party vendor management

From off-site freelancers to large rendering or animation vendors to roto shops, I have more than a decade of experience in handling overseas vendors, making me capable of handling larger jobs.

Selected credits


My debut as a writer/director, Zombiehagen uses my experience from Hollywood films to apply big-budget techniques to a low-budget production by balancing the CGI and the practical for maximum production value.

The film was shot on location in Copenhagen in 2013, and premiered with live orchestra in Malmö in 2014.

The visual effects were created by a team of off-site visual effects artists and myself.

Lego Star Wars: THe Freemaker Adventures

Working for Wil Film, I was associate art director on two seasons of this wonderful piece of the Star Wars saga.

We worked closely with both Lego, Lucasfilm and Disney to make sure all companies were happy with how we brought their product on the screen, as well as with writers Bill Motz and Bob Roth.

We also worked closely with several overseas vendors, briefing them on Star Wars and Lego looks, as well as giving feedback on assets, renders, FX and animations.

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